Saturday, September 29, 2012

Slow Start

window view
Starbucks, Gainesville, Texas

You might think, after so many bone dry, hot summer days, one would be eager to roll out into a rainy, 70-degree morning.  In all honesty, however, there was some minor procrastinating going on.  After glancing at the weather radar and the "100% chance of rain" forecast, cooking a big breakfast seemed like a good idea.  And one more cup of coffee.  And a couple of bike tweaks.  But, as the photo illustrates, the ride did finally start.

In about 3.5 hours of riding, there was zero rain.  There was what you might call an occasional drizzle, and it was a perfect day for fenders.  Just the kind of delightful contrast that someone weary of hot and dusty would want.  Why did it take so long to get out the door?


Wilson said...

The reward always comes once we get the pedals turning, eh?

Velosopher said...

Rain and clouds always have that effect on me. But as the previous commenter said, weather has little to do with enjoyment once I roll out of the garage.

Steve A said...

It's not the rain that is scary. It's the possibility of lightning.

GravelDoc said...

@Steve. I agree. It seems most rain forecasts in my neck of the woods are for thunderstorms which includes lightning. I got caught out in one such storm a couple years ago. Pretty scary, alright. That said; I'm certainly grateful for the cool, rainy, overcast days we've had lately.

GravelDoc said...

By the way, Mrs. P, I thought of you as I ran over (or attempted to run over) some grasshoppers during my ride, yesterday.

Mrs. Pondero said...

Good Man, GravelDoc!

Chandra said...

Rain is refreshing, especially after the dry hot summer. I sometimes worry about being visible to automobile drivers. Other than that, it is a jolly good time!

Glad you got to enjoy!

Peace :)