Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess Where...

Guess where I'm headed tomorrow afternoon.

Son-in-Law Ride

My youngest daughter and son-in-law came up to spend last weekend with me and Mrs. Pondero. Both of them cooked for us and made us feel pampered at our own home. It was a great visit made even better since the young man brought his bike and joined me for a 2-hour ride.

Let's do more of these, Carey.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm not on Facebook, so I'm not sure I exist.

I think I do. My life seems real to me, but there seems to be a parallel universe in which I don't exist.

Is Facebook another realm? Like maybe there's a physical realm, and spiritual realm, and a Facebook realm?

Maybe I'm only partially real. Is someone out there in Facebook land expecting something of me, or depending on me for something important? Am I missing a deadline, or an important appointment?

I don't want to let anyone down, but I know my limits. Right now, I can't juggle all the balls this small piece of reality throws at me.

So farewell, and good luck, Facebook land. I might be incomplete, but I'm all the me I can stand.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Salvaging September

Like a no-name water-carrier who launches himself from the peloton
to bridge an out-of-sight breakaway,

I set out this evening grimly determined
to salvage what is left of September,

Not for hope of glory,
but for pride in doing, and for self respect.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Suffering

Contrary to what these images might suggest, September has been a horrible month for the Pondero bicycle. Without question, this month has been the worst of the year for meeting my monthly goals. Unless there is some kind of unanticipated special set of circumstances, September will go down in flames.

Business travel is the chief interference. Although, I've posted a few photos from a couple of my most enjoyable travel experiences, there was no pedaling going on. It has been maddening. In those brief moments when I have been at home, its been non-stop catch-up on household chores.

What I need is to pedal away for a few days...

With temps all the way down to 73 degrees this morning, it was surprisingly cool and refreshing. In only a few minutes, I was reminded why those goals I set back in December are so important. A few spins of the cranks, and things no longer look hopeless.

So, I'll call today the first step to make September as good as it can be, and I'll keep hoping for better things when the north breezes begin to blow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dancing with Seasons

When you dance with the seasons, you follow their lead. You pay attention, and respond. Don't fight them, adjust to them. When you flow together in rhythm, it is a most elegant thing.

Several days ago, a weak cool front blew through Denton County. It refreshed, and it gave a subtle hint as to where the seasons are moving next. The sultry stillness of late summer is about to give way to blustery breezes of autumn. It is time to prepare for the next move in the dance.

Eager to take advantage of anticipated S24O opportunities, I spent a little time re-installing racks.

Yes, installing racks only takes a few minutes, and I know well that late summer still lingers. Yet I installed them anyway. I also seemed to lose interest in shaving. So the whiskers are back too.

You can't lead the dance with the seasons. You must adjust and be ready to follow, because the steady rhythm of the music continues...

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Normally, I get pretty cranky about leaving my pleasant prairie surroundings. That's because normally when I travel it is for work purposes. Occasionally, however, I am able to mix in a little enjoyment along with the work. This trip is one of those times. This trip included a brief visit to Rivendell Bicycle Works world headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA.

I wandered around looking at some of the bicycle frames and gear I've been seeing on their website. It was good to be able to see things first hand and get a better sense of scale. My general impression is that the quality of all their products is extremely high. It might not be the most affordable of bicycling gear, but it seems to be a good long-term value in my opinion.

I was admiring this brand new Bombadil. Jay indicated that it came in yesterday, and that I was the first customer to see it. I really liked the green color. It is extremely solid and looks like it could handle any harsh duty I could imagine. Grant said that someone would be riding this frame 70 years from now. I don't doubt it.

Since they said I was first to see this frame, I figured I'd take a few photos. I was amazed at the number of braze-ons. Look at the fork, seat stays, and dropouts. Can you count them all?

In addition to places to mount racks, water bottles, and fenders, there's a pump peg...

...and threaded openings on top of the fork crown for another mounting option for front racks.

Since my A. Homer Hilsen seems to be doing the job for me, I don't think I'm in the market for a new Bombadil, but I still admire this frame for what it can do for the right person. Still, I couldn't leave the shop without making a purchase. With great will power, I was able to restrain myself to one wool jersey and one pair of socks on this trip. And that's pretty good for a Rivendell geek like me.