Saturday, February 16, 2008

Have Another Piece of Pie

It was a terribly busy week. But even with all the travel and extra work hours, I noticed that the President put his signature on the tax rebate plan. As I understand it, the purpose is to boost a sluggish economy. I've never been mistaken for a clever economist, but I don't get it. It seems like an over-simplistic, short term, symptom treatment.

In fact, one might suggest that over-consuming is the real source of our economic woes. Individually, and as a nation, we buy more than we need with money we do not have. We have racked-up a debt burden that is stiffling. As a nation, we are morbidly obese with debt. We have consumed so many pieces of the American pie that we are sluggish with weight of the debt. Now, as we are sick and pushing back from the table to take a breath, our leaders are urging us to have another piece of pie.

I can't help wondering if a diet would be a better idea. Granted, diets are not easy and involve a high degree of discipline and constraint. Diets also are uncomfortable and require a prolonged adjustment to a better lifestyle. But diets can lead to more healthly living and prolonged life.

If we've got some money laying around and we are looking for a good use. Let's not buy another piece of pie. Let's invest in taking off some of this excess weight.

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  1. Well said. Send this article to the newspaper. Others need to read this. Mom