Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Ride

Practically every ride for me is a blessing and a time to be thankful. There have been a couple of rides in to work lately that were especially good, but not documented with photos. The day we set aside for the primary purpose to be thankful included a slow ride in south Texas and that, my friends, fit very nicely with the occasion.

The entire weekend was outstanding in that it included reconnecting with family, good food, a break from the routine work schedule, and a relaxed schedule. We had a fairly full house down there, but we all missed having our Coastie who was on duty out in Alameda, CA. There are lots of other photos of the weekend events, but only a few from the ride will be included in this post. I think I'll save some of the others for a future occasion.

South Texas refers to "not far from Corpus Christi". We were about an hour northwest of Corpus Christi and the high temperatures were in the mid 80s. So the vegetation looked a little more tropical than in has lately back in Denton County.

Typical for these gatherings, my father-in-law and I sort through and solve all the major problems of the world and lament that no one in authority is listening. Most of the rest of the family laments that they are listening.

He is as much an aviator as I am a cyclist. He builds his own airplanes and flies them. Since he recently finished building one, I thought one last photo using a Wright brothers theme would be a good thing. They strike a nice, proud pose together, eh?

I'm thankful when they have an opportunity to be together.


  1. Is that Choke Canyon Lake in the background?

  2. Lake Corpus Christi. As you might know, Choke Canyon is a little upstream from here. My wife's parents live in a small aviation community (on a runway) on the west side of the lake.