Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project Patience Wearing Thin you might notice, this is NOT the project bike. This is the old bike, but there have been a few changes. The faithful Kogswell has sacrificed his saddle for the good of the project. The worn out bar tape has been replaced. There might be a few other refinements yet to come here, but this bike is, thankfully, in service.

The new frame is all but hurling verbal abuse. He is anxious to get on the road. Country bike that he is, living in Denton County, he is in his element. Well, if I'd hurry and finish-up, that is. Strictly speaking, hanging on a work stand in my living room is NOT the place for a country bike.

All I can say now is that the decisions have been made and last of the parts should arrive in a handful of days. Hopefully, they will all fit together well and not challenge my limited wrenching skills. If that happens, the country bike might just lose the last of his patience and give me an old fashioned whuppin'.


  1. Old faithful still looks like such a great bike though. I can't wait to see what you've been teasing us about. The waiting for parts is what I call the "in between". Sort of a calm. You've made up your mind, they are on their way, but you must simply wait. Cheers.

  2. I hope everything goes together smoothly.

    I made an unexpected trip out to your neck of the woods yesterday. I ended up on Chapman Road (455) south of Ray Roberts Lake. It is a really pretty area. I can see why you enjoy riding out there so much.

  3. Yes, Jerome, "simply wait" is it. Simple, but not easy.

    Wow, our humble parts were visited by Mr. Rat Trap Press! You were very close. My place is on the opposite side of IH-35 from the lake, but I do ride over in that area from time-to-time, and my S24Os are at the north end of the lake. Bring your bike next time.