Monday, July 6, 2009

Grand Finale

After the stereotypical hot, dry 4th, Sunday offered a surprising finish to the weekend. We awoke to a light rain. After several hot, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky, sun-in-your-eye days, I enthusiastically grabbed the fender bike and rolled for 30 minutes before church. It felt good to not be baking.

Later in the day, under continued cloud cover, I headed out again. Temperatures in the 80's and a slight north wind played tricks on my mind. I was transported temporarily to October. After returning home, I sat on my back porch holding on to the last moments of the weekend as it persistently slipped through my fingers. I saw the sun for the first time, just before it hit the horizon... God tossed up a Grand Finale that took my breath away.

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