Friday, November 6, 2009

Bike Geek Progress Report 1

An old, barely functional wheelbarrow was lined with a trash bag. Bit by bit, pieces were removed from the neglected one. They were placed in this temporary nest until they'd be needed again. Some parts will not be used in this project. The pace was snail-like, while picturing the finished product in my mind.

With the exception of the headset press-in parts, the neglected one is now a frame and fork. It is almost time for refinishing. First, the cleaning. Then the selection of a new color. The universe of color options has been screened down to a family, but the one, just right color has not yet been appointed.

While the refinish is underway, and if schedules allow, certain select parts will be cleaned, lubed and made ready to be put back into service. The nature of their service will be new, and I think it will suit them nicely.


  1. Very curious indeed.

    BTW, that first photo, of all the parts in the wheelbarrow, is spectacular. I'd frame it.

  2. Thanks, Jerome. I know your skills, so the photo compliment is meaningful.