Sunday, June 20, 2010


A hectic workweek filled with corporate travel can bruise a man. Travel isn't as glamorous and it first sounds. When they give a man a laptop and a Blackberry, they also give him more unrealistic expectations. Just because a thousand people can contact him in single day, doesn't mean he can reasonably respond. Information overload, and falling short take their toll.

Saturday morning mall traffic
Sanger, Texas

Returning home restores. The pace slows. Substance, authenticity, and love nourish the soul.

Options extra

Local landscaping

Living, breathing decoration

"For every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills."
Psalm 50:10

Oh, yeah. The bike rides were pretty good too.


  1. Gorgeous, bucolic scenes of a life I hope to achieve. I work and save, stocking my pantry in an attempt to free my self of the work a day world. Your pictures put me in mind of retiring in Sanger, or perhaps, someplace like Sanger.

  2. Twister, come on up. I'll show you around. It's not to soon to start that research.

  3. Beautiful shots ... and the slow pace sounds perfect.

    I intentionally don't have a Blackberry or iPhone, for the reasons you mention. The always-on connection would be too much.

    You've got a beautiful area to call home. Glad you are taking advantage.