Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I Usually Ride Door-to-Door

Friendly Creatures on the Greenbelt Trail
(approx. 20 miles away)

Elm Fork Valley Downstream of Lake Ray Roberts Dam
(approx. 15 miles away)

Mystery Gate to Wide Open Spaces
(approx. 11 miles away)

Clear Creek Valley View
('round the corner)

Anyone care to join me?


  1. The mystery gate photo is a nice photo. You should go back and capture it with something that has deeper resolution and in color too, I think. The sky and grasses, imbuing the photo with a changing personality. I'm already seeing it with towering storm clouds in the background, painted orange at their uppermost elevations, by a setting sun.

  2. I'd like to join you soon. The "'round the corner" looks pretty good.

  3. Amazing views! They look similar to some views here, as you noted on my blog, only you've got more grass, instead of trees. It looks lovely. You can bet that if I'm ever in the area, I'd love to join you for a ride.

  4. I'd like to try the greenbelt trail someday. I'll probably be calling sometime soon.

    I really like the photo of the gate.

  5. Paul, I like your idea. Come ride with me, and I'll take you to the gate. Show me how to do it.

    The rest of you guys, come out, the roads are fine.