Thursday, September 8, 2011

Step Zero Point Five

In which we begin spending money...

My last comment on this post demonstrates that Mrs. Pondero is a fascinating creature, and one about whom I have much more to learn. As it turns out, there IS another "project dog", and he arrived before I even completed the inventory on my old Trek.

His name is Ferris Bueller.

And that seems like a pretty good name for this care-free, trouble-making, free-loading, furry rascal. He's so lucky, it makes me sick.

I might have just started the most expensive project bike ever.


  1. Wow, he is a good lookin' youngun!

    Is that a Kong in his mouth? Holy spokes!!

    May be he should take the "day off"! Hehehe...

    Peace :)

  2. He looks like a fun dog, and what a funny name! I thought Mrs. Pondero was joking about the project dog.

  3. Better get chew resistant tires for the bike...

  4. Yes, Chandra, that is a Kong in his mouth, but no, I don't think he needs a day off. The entire pack of furry rascals that live with Mrs. Pondero out here on the prairie ALWAYS have the day off. What they need is a JOB.

  5. Hmmm. Mr. Bueller makes me think more of a mountain bike or cruiser.

  6. GravelDoc, are you suggesting I need to get another dog to match the Trek?

    Perhaps this one is not sufficient?

    Or do we need a mountain bike or cruiser to match Mr. Bueller?

    Or perhaps we need more bikes AND more dogs???

  7. GravelDoc clearly meant that we need a mountain bike to match Mr. Bueller...if he ever wants to comment here again.

  8. Good looking dog. Looks like equal parts of mutt, mastif and perhaps pit. I wouldn't want him to knaw on muh bones, that's for sure.

  9. Oh boy! It looks like I got myself in a pickle, now. I believe the Pondero's need to ponder the question: Does the "N + 1" formula apply equally to dogs as it does to bicycles? I tend to lean more towards the two-wheeled rather than the four-legged, so my opinion would be biased in that direction. :)

  10. Thanks, GravelDoc, I thought you might see things that way.