Monday, December 26, 2011

Valley View, Texas or Belgium?

Downtown Valley View, Texas
41 degrees, and drizzly fog

It was one of those surreal outings where the drizzly gray seemed to wash the color out of everything. While zipping downwind over the gravel patch, it was like watching a historical (b&w) documentary on the Ronde van Vlaanderen, and racing in it at the same time. Since none of the other guys were in sight, I must have had a pretty nice gap.


  1. Like to get in the big ride next year, although travel from CT would be a bit dodgy, but it looks like a peaceful part of the country.

    Keep us posted!!!

    Happy New Year.


  2. I love your vivid descriptions. You are a poet, my friend.

  3. I agree with the "timeless" comment. Welcome camo. Nice one P.

  4. If that photo doesn't make a person want to go riding, then sheesh, I just don't know what would.

  5. Hey man,you should have been here to ride the New Years day ride with me. I was 5 minutes late and rode with a group in the direction we thought the others had taken. After a few miles in that paceline I sat up and effortlessly made them ride me off their wheels. Oh well, I like riding alone.