Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Austin, TX
Shoal Creek Trail
south of W38th St

When traveling for business, the packing process includes rolling a bicycle into the cab behind the front seats. Many times, it doesn't come out until I get back home. But I put it in there because I hope for better things. Occasionally, like yesterday afternoon, the clouds of circumstances part, the bright sun of opportunity shines, and my hope pays.


  1. Good on ya, man. It's always nice to break up the monotonous strangenes of a business trip with something you love to do.

  2. Heh! "Monotonous Strangeness" might become the working title for the CD I am working on...

  3. Jon, I've got to admit the strangeness is not exactly monotonous. Due to the stress level, I sometimes wish for monotonous. But it sure is strange. Intriguing title for a CD though.

    Greg, yeah, I wish I would have thought to say that.

  4. Hope springs eternal!

    Myself, I am eyeballing this weekend to see if I still have legs. If I do, it's 20 up a mountain to Morrison and back. When the weather breaks and the sun shines, you can't wait, you have to go.

  5. I could have sworn I left a comment on this post?

    Anyway, it said something like, "Way to go, planning for a sunny day".

  6. Good work being prepared like that. Too often I am unmotivated in the mornings but regret not having my bike by the time I leave for home. I shall take a lesson from your wisdom.