Sunday, April 22, 2012

Five Point Five Hours of Fixie Fun

I spent 5.5 hours on the Kogswell fixed wheel bike this weekend.  It was either because I'm a poor bicycle mechanic, made a mistake, had to order one more part to finish the project bike build, and I'm highly frustrated because I have to wait even longer before I can ride my new bike.


My excursions into the country side on fixed wheel were a gesture of solidarity and celebration with my friend Steve A who is now the proud owner of a new fixed wheel bicycle, with 3 speeds.

Let's say it's the latter, because the first option makes me sound like an incompetent whiner.


  1. Well, if Pondero were an incompetent whiner, Steve A would be standing there in solidarity. So let's agree on the second option!

  2. Good thing you didn't simplify all the way down to one bike, or you wouldn't have been riding at all!

    Being a "poor bicycle mechanic" myself, I know the importance of having at least one back up bicycle ready to go when you attempt some DIY bike wrenching.

  3. Looks like a blast. And even after thinning the heard considerably, you've still got some fine bicycles in the stable.