Saturday, May 5, 2012


Plenty of Gravel

Sometimes it only takes a few changes to make everything seem new.  If enough things change at almost the same time, it feels like a major life transformation.  I like to crawl into a rut and stay there as much as anybody, but most of us like freshness now and then.

Lots of Low Traffic Roads

This morning several changes came together to give a fresh sense of optimism.  A new route, a few gear refinements, a new bike, and a new objective all came together here at the transition between spring and summer.  All the changes have proven themselves to be improvements.  At the very least, they are certainly new and different.

Courthouse Square, Decatur, Texas

I guess that's just how folks are.  Rarely satiated, we tend to tinker and experiment, looking to make things a little better.  Some might suggest that kind of hunger is the fuel of our economy.  They might also suggest that change often doesn't make any sort of useful improvement at all.  Maybe this desire for change, not only fuels the economy, but fashion as well.  Because after we try new things a few times, it is common to end up back where we started.  So what of today?  Refinement or fad?

Great Place for a Break

Lovely Climb

Rolling Hills

Longest Descent of the Day

Well, I'm invested.  Just like changing the house paint from brown to green, here we are.  It looks good enough to me.  Here's the new rut this old curmudgeon is crawling into, and I plan to stay awhile.


  1. Change can be dramatic or subtle. It seems to me refinement is usually more on the subtle side; like that beautiful green handlebar tape. This looks like a good place to dwell for awhile.

  2. I love topo maps. They're my favorite reading material. I can envision the landcape in my mind and dream of new place to find. Fuel for the economy of the soul. Great post and photos.

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  4. Looks like a nice rut to be in. Enjoy it, my friend!

  5. There are definitely some lovely places in that ride. I hope the new bike is everything you hoped for. It sounds like you are contemplating a bit of a change in direction, so to speak; you should have some great new adventures ahead of you.

  6. I very often enjoy change just for its own sake.

  7. You and those "low traffic road" and "rolling hills" pics.

  8. What is that front (not bar) bag? Does that rack fit to the brake bosses, and are there variants which would use a lowrider mount (i.e. to the tapping further down the fork)

  9. Comical Engineer, the bag is a Gilles Berthoud GB 22. The rack attached at the fork crown and brake bosses, and is custom made for this frameset. There are various Nitto racks that mount at the brake bosses (M-12) or mid-fork braze-ons (Rivendell's Mark's Rack and Mini Front Rack)that support this, and similar, bags.

  10. Thanks I will check those out. I have toured with lowriders and barbags but for short trips panniers are often a pain when you get off the bike, or require very careful filling to avoid load asymmetry. And the barbag attachments can interfere with lights and cables etc, as well as being more weight limited.

    What is gravel like at the base of a fast hill?

  11. Like blissful detachment from the ground as you skim the tops of marbles, unless you need to turn.

    Then it's like a terrifying detachment from the ground as you skim the tops of marbles.