Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Seasonal Cool Air Blast

Not even the 20-25mph headwind could spoil my joy.  I started off right into it.  The temperature made it down into the upper 60s last night, and our forecast high for today is only 90.  North Texas residents are walking around with grins on their faces today.

I took a series of back roads up to Gainesville this morning.  Riding into the wind, but not fighting it.  I enjoyed watching the wide open spaces roll slowly by, but anticipated the exhilaration of a good strong tailwind at the turnaround point in my loop.  Got a new high speed mark for the MAP today.

The forecast low temperature for tomorrow morning is 55.  Wow.  I think I'll get up early, pack some coffee, and ride out to a nice spot and enjoy the refreshment.  Just the thing before meeting with other local christians on a lovely Sunday morning where we can collectively give thanks to God.


  1. Well, except those of us that take today as a sign to dig out the wool socks, balaclavas, and...

  2. I keep flipping through the pictures. I think of Hendrix, "scuse me while I kiss the sky". I like that you're going out and communicating own your own, then gathering with some like minded folks.

  3. I wish we could "tack" into the wind like a sailboat sometimes.

    That'd be fun!

  4. The cool Fall air has settled into our neighborhood as well. After the hottest summer on record here, it is welcome. Yesterday it struggled to get above 60 for the high. Today, after a low in the 40's, it should be 70 with light winds. That's absolutely perfect. Gotta get out on a ride.