Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Am I Smiling?

Because the Fourth Annual Fall Finale Forty-ish Mile Country Path Ramble is less than one month away! Since I normally ride alone, the possibility that others might come join me for my personal annual tradition makes me eagerly anticipate this ride each year.


This year's Ramble will be on Saturday, December 15. We will roll out of my driveway at 10am. That means you should arrive in time to make all needed preparations before 10am.


The Ramble is a ride I do each year on a Saturday near the very end of autumn. The primary objective is to spend a few hours riding a bicycle with others on rural north Texas roads.  A goodly fraction of the route is on gravel roads. Historically, it has been a little over 40 miles, but this year (because of a route change), it could be closer to 50 miles. See prior Ramble reports for a little more insight (2011, 2010, and 2009)

I actually have two route possibilities, and they are both close to 50 miles. Final route selection has not been made yet, and might ultimately be made based on the weather forecast (I generally like to avoid ending my rides with headwind slogs).

Speaking of weather, I always want folks to know that I'm not hard-core.  I can ride if it is a little cold, or a little drizzly, but I don't like cold and wet.  On days like that, I will send you on your way with a cue sheet and my best wishes, and then spend the rest of my day by the fireplace.

The pace is what I call "conversational" because I think of this as a social kind of ride.  We might stop for snacks, photographs, or just because.  Like last year, I plan to have cue sheets available for those who might wish to ride faster or slower than me.

The other thing to emphasize for this ride is that you are responsible for you. This is not a T-shirt ride, there are no entry fees, and no sag services. Both routes have at least one place to stop for restroom, water, or snacks.  On one route that opportunity comes at approximately mile 19, and on the other route it comes at approximately mile 25. You should have a back-up plan for a mechanical problem, and beware...some areas on the Ramble route do not have cell phone service.  Yes, it's rural.


Anyone who is interested in being a part of what is described above is welcome to participate. If you plan to join me, I would appreciate an email message or a blog post comment telling me that you will be here.  My preparation plans are dependent on the number of folks participating, so please help me with this. 


If you need my address and/or directions to my little place on the prairie, send me an email.


Plan ahead. If this Ramble thing sounds like a good time, block out the day and get it on your calendar now. Then make your contingency plan in case you can't finish the route for any reason. Finally, let me know you are coming.

Any questions?


  1. Pondero,

    I lead Bike Friendly Mid-Cities, and have been fortunate enough to join you for the past two years. I'll be bringing up about 10 people this year from the group to join the ramble. Can't wait for it to get here!

  2. ^ I'll be there with BFMC. Looking forward to it.

  3. I like the smile. Your little place on the prairie is very intriguing. Maybe someday. It sounds like a great time. Rain or shine.

  4. Lenora (my LHT) and I plan to attend. I was telling my wife how much I enjoyed the ramble when I joined you guys about two years ago.

  5. I plan on attending. I was just telling my wife how much I enjoyed the ramble a couple of years ago, and how much I appreciate your musings and photography.

  6. Thanks, all, for the notes. It sounds like we've got a good group building already.

  7. I will be there with about 10-12 others from Cat7Cyclist.

  8. Pondero,

    My wife and I had such a great time last year that we plan on being back this year. See you on December 15th.

    Kevin & Linda Vinson

  9. I had it "blocked" on my calendar was was over-written by a higher power. Sorry to miss it.

  10. Unfortunately, I am heading to Pennsylvania, this year, rather than Tennesse. So, no side-trip to Texas for the Ramble...:-(

  11. Would love to be one of the "who" on the list. Maybe its the kind of thing I should start here in Canada (Texas being a wee bit far).

  12. Chris

    I'll be there with the group BFMC.. Look forward to some nice rolling


  13. Chris

    I'll be there with BFMC group.. Look forward to some good times rolling.

  14. I will be there with my wife and others from cat7cyclist. Looking forward to a great ride.

  15. I will be there, likely with two other fatties.

  16. I will likely be there, leading a contingent of three fat cyclists (counting myself among those three, of course).