Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bodacious Butterflies

Today's ride was along a portion of the Denton Greenbelt Trail. It starts just east of town and heads north along Elm Fork up to Ray Roberts Lake. Due to time constraints, this ride covered only 6 miles up and 6 miles back. It was a ride through the peak (surely) of butterfly season.

It is a pleasant trail, but not as well-constructed or well-maintained as the Weatherford-to-Mineral Wells converted railroad trail. It follows a waterway and is, therefore, low in elevation. After several recent rainy days, there were numerous muddy and soggy areas.

Generally, the trail consisted of a one lane-wide gravel path or dirt/gravel mix double track. The trail meandered in and out of well-shaded forest areas.

Rolling in...

Rolling out...

There were no long or steep grades, but a few bumpy areas that were close to the limit of my road bike with 35mm tires. Even so, I had no difficulty with the bike and found the trip quite enjoyable. If I don't have my 650b-wheeled, fatter tire bike built up before my next desired excursion to the trail, I won't let my current bike stop me from returning. Hopefully, next time more time will allow more exploration.

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