Thursday, May 3, 2007

Germanfest (part 2)

As promised, and without much additional explanation, here are a few photos from the April 28 ride in Muenster, Texas.

The start included almost 2000 riders. They were all lined up on a city street eager to start pedaling. If you can spot the red light down the street, you can get an idea of how far back we started.

The first part of the course was downhill and with a slight tailwind. The going was nice and easy. As you can see, one of us was going slow enough to keep the pair of us from being in the front. I'll not mention any names, but the slow dude was on the green bike.

It didn't take long to find the hills. This photo was rushed immediately after the start of the climb. Experience whispered that I'd need both hands on the bars and some mental focus to get over the top of this one.

Notice my pal in the Aggie jersey in the photo above. Notice he is NOT the dude riding a green bike. However, lest my pal decide to ever poke fun at my lack of speed, I'll gently remind him of the photo I did not post. There's really no reason why anyone else needs to see that one.

But I'm saving it just the same.

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