Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lighting Made It Happen

Lights are great. They allow those early morning rides to start a little earlier. With the days already starting to get shorter, it sometimes makes sense to start out before sunrise. Today, lights allowed me to squeeze in a ride that I would not have done otherwise.

The ride started just when the eastern sky was just begining to lighten. After about 30 minutes the long summer shadows formed. Because the light is so rich in color in the early morning, I took more photos today. These photos are at locations where I paused and thought about stopping yesterday. Today, the golden color was impossible to ignore. These are the kinds of experiences and sights that generate prayers of thanksgiving.

Unlike the mystery of yesterday's old structure, this structure is clearly a barn.

This one appears to be a storm shelter...which curious since I didn't see a house nearby.

Here's one of the gravel segments of the route. The road that leads me home.

Another delightful early morning ride, and one I would have missed without adequate lighting. I am grateful to have the provisions needed to get outside and experience the morning.

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