Thursday, January 24, 2008

Down Time

Most of my readers are probably already aware that I am changing jobs. I have never been more reluctant to make a job change. The most excellent people at Dodson & Associates, Inc. have made my 8+ years there a true joy. However, since I now reside in rural Denton County, it is a long way to the "office" and to my dear colleagues in Houston. So, I finally acknowledged the limitations of geography and accepted a position with Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. in Denton. So far dealings with my new colleagues have been very pleasant and I am looking forward to whatever is ahead.

Because much of my regular "vacation" time involves travel, I have longed for some down time at home. That is why I decided to take a few days between jobs. I've been off this week. To be more precise, I've been unemployed this week. It might be suggested that I've chosen a poor time (being the dead of winter) to be off work. Especially since it has probably been the coldest week of the season yet. However, nothing says stay inside by the fireplace with a book like cloudy, windy, cold days. On the other hand, when I start to feel a little cabin fever, nothing says get out and ride like nice warm wool clothing.

So, it seemed good to me to get out there and explore a thousand shades of brown. In reality, the landscape was quite beautiful in its own stark, dead of winter, sort of way. There really are thousands of interesting shades of brown. With the leaves gone, there are new things to see even on routes I found and rode during the summer. My "old" routes become new with the changing of the seasons. I like that and wonder what spring will be like. Something to patiently anticipate...

Living in north Texas has taught me to ride in temperatures much lower than I once did. Changing my ride objective from "speed" to "fun" and finding better clothing has shown me a completely new way to enjoy a winter day. There might be a whole bunch of brown out there, but it's better than a strip mall, isn't it?

To imagine what it is like to be me, look out there and say to yourself, "I think I'll ride to the horizon...and turn right."

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