Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sanger Sights

The plan for Saturday morning was to ride into Sanger, get a haircut, stop off at the new coffee shop, and take photos of our recently completed retaining wall mural. Doing so, I realized that I spend most of my time out riding the county roads and have not documented the more urbanized sights in Sanger. This entry will include a few photos, but this little town has more to offer and I'll follow-up with additional sights later.

I should have taken a photo of the barbershop, but didn't. This alone is reason enough for a follow-up.

I did manage a photo of the front window of the Roasted Bean. The fact that these guys roast their own coffee beans here in this little rural town is impressive. My stop here for a simple cup of coffee turned into a much longer stay. The owner and I chatted awhile about his shop, the City of Sanger, and then cycling. Since business was a little slow, I pursuaded him to take a test ride on the Kogswell P/R. As a triathelete, he is quite fit and familiar with road bikes. However, I think he wondered about someone that purposefully limited himself to a single gear and no coasting. Still, he took a short spin to the square and back. As he returned, he had a grin on his face and said, "It sure is smooth." Yeah, I know. That's why I like it.

I also managed a photo of the Coca-Cola ad painted on the brick wall. These types of signs are still fairly common in many Texas small towns and they always amuse me.

Finally, I managed a few photos of a mural painted on a Interstate Freeway exit ramp retaining wall. What was an ugly concrete wall has recently been transformed into a work of art. It appears to have a theme tied to local history. Here are just a few scenes. This thing is more than 500 feet long, so there's more of these to come.

Cruising through town on the bike reminded me of several examples of small town charm and how deficient I've been in documenting them. I guess I'll need to get back out on the bike and finish up this little project. It's tough work, but I reckon I'm up to the task.

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