Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disappearing Afternoon

I left work with haste. After arriving at home, I changed and rolled out quickly. The sun plummeted toward the horizon. With each day more of the afternoon is swallowed by night.

Fleeting are the moments to view the countryside after the day's work. Shadows stretch long across the ground and leaves glow in side illumination.

By this time next week, all this will be veiled in darkness.

Like a dear friend's departure after a visit,...

...the afternoon disappears down the road.


  1. Hey Christopher, just wondering what set you use for your front rack and handlebar bag? It looks just right. I've got a dyno-hub coming for my new bike and I want to incorporate the rack and the handle bar bag into my set up.


  2. New bike, eh? Excellent!

    Someone else asked the same question, response here...

    (see comments)

  3. Are you ready for the time change and cold weather? I know I'm still short on winter riding gear.

  4. I suppose we Texans have it pretty good compared to many, but recently from south Texas, I'm a winter wimp. After all the discussion board comments on wool, I invested. What a revelation! Wool is my winter coping strategy. Well...wool and a dynohub light.

  5. Wool is the way to go. I'm going to an Army surplus store tomorrow to pick up a couple of cheap military sweaters. They're itchy but they'll work.