Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally...the S24O

After a week of so many changes in priorities and schedules, I was confused and my head was spinning. But Friday afternoon suddenly opened wide, like the amazing quiet and stunning blue sky following a vicious storm. The clouds parted and the sunshine spilled out.

There were many reasons that this weekend didn't seem like it would work, but when the door cracked open, a foot was shoved through. Leaving the office early allowed me to roll away from the house a little after 4 pm. It was a very strange sensation to ride a fully loaded bike for the first time. It was only enough gear to be comfortable for one night, but it was totally new to me. Within about 90 minutes, I was at the campsite. Apparently the load didn't slow me much.

My brother and his son (my favorite baseball player), joined me later and we set up housekeeping there near the lake shore. We chatted in the cool breeze and listened to baseball playoff games in the dark. When we retired, it was like a sweet dessert after a delightful meal to lay down, look at the stars, listen to the breeze, and drift off to sleep.

They left camp before sunrise to go fishing. I lagged behind a bit and brewed coffee. Then I took breakfast by bike to the fishing spot and caught up with them there. Someone had to serve the photojournalist role.

When the fishing action slowed, we dropped the gear off and bicycled through the park. There are several secluded spots protected from frigid north winds that we can try during the cooler weather coming soon.

We packed up and left around 10:30 and I was home for lunch. Because being outside was such a joy and I was in no hurry, riding home directly into a stiff headwind didn't bother me at all. Now that I've done one S24O successfully, I understand why the practice is so highly recommended.

The next time the storm clears and that crack in the door appears, I'm pedalling right through it.


  1. Congratulations on a goal accomplished.

    I like that tent. Lots of mesh. Just what you need for our weather.

    How is it that coffee always seems to taste better when you're camping?

  2. Hi Chris. Looks like fun! Is that a 2-man tent? Did all your rackage and baggage arrive or did you improvise? Been meaning to ask you what sort of light do you have on your bike? Also, I like the whole Slow Bike thing...why is everyone always in such a hurry?!

  3. Yes, the camp coffee was great. I like to occasionally step aside from the madness, take a sip, and wave at time as it goes by.

    The open mesh 2-person tent was great for a warm breezy night. As my wife says, it is only a 2-person tent for the "right" 2-persons. She's right. Since winter camping is planned, hopefully the rainfly will keep some heat in when needed.

    The front rack arrived and is on the bike, but it wasn't used on this trip. The front panniers didn't make it. Somehow the comforts of home were strapped to this and that. The handling wasn't outstanding, but pretty okay for a couple of hours.

    The light is a powered by a generator in the front hub. No batteries required. If I'm moving (and the switch is on), I have light. The front hub and light (E6) are Schmidt brand. You can get much more information about bicycle lighting at

    Finally, regarding the whole slow bike thing, if you ride a bike from one place to another, the slower you go, the longer you get to ride a bike. Isn't it cool how that works?