Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Commute Perspective

In keeping with the recognition of the need for more saddle time, I rode the bike to work on Monday. I really need to do this more often. This is one of those great blessings in life one should take advantage of. My job does not lend itself to commuting full time, but my route is really nice. Who wouldn't want to trade a 30-minute drive for 90-minute bike ride? To put my situation in even better perspective, here is what the roads look like after about 60 minutes...

...which is similar to how they look at the start (except that there is light by this time). Yessir, my commute involves about 75 minutes of very low traffic roads and about 15 minutes of wide shoulders or bike lanes. Just think, I have about 3 hours of great cycling with every commute to work.

Go ahead and admit it, you wish you were me.


  1. I wish I could commute to work.It sure would improve my attitude.

  2. The phrasing of your comment made me laugh. You are so right. I cross over IH-35 watching the cars flying under me, listening to all the noise, and feeling gratitude bordering on smugness.

    What prevents the bike commute?

  3. Since I've always been on-call I've always had a take home vehicle. I guess I shouldn't complain but riding my bike to work would sure relieve alot of stress.