Sunday, August 16, 2009

Evening Encounter

I suppose we never know what we'll see when we set out on a journey. However, journeys on the bicycle, even short ones, allow more than seeing. On bicycles, we can have encounters.

Just out riding around this evening, I saw the guy with the hat "high stepping" his horse down the street. I'm sure the horse's technique has an official name, but all I know is that it appeared much more like prancing than simply walking along.

Then the children ran out toward the street to watch them pass by. Me, the mom, and the horses all arrive simultaneously. The guy without a hat says to the mom, "Would they like to pet the horse?" The children smile, laugh, and the horse patiently goes along with it all. I watch, listen, feel the breeze, and enjoy the moment.

And just like that, we have ourselves a brief evening encounter.

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