Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Travel Tour

Lamenting the lack of time on the bicycle lately, I began a trend toward grumpiness.

Then, reflecting on Elden's recent devestating loss of his beloved, grumpiness turned to shame. How could I waste time on a minor inconvenience and not be grateful for my beloved, who remains with me? I still have a chance to demonstrate my appreciation for her.

I took a quick tour around our little prairie home...

...and celebrated the wonder of the no travel tour. Because she makes everything she touches, a thing of beauty.


  1. I am blessed. Her marrying me is one of life's greatest mysteries.

  2. Your devotion to your beloved is a personal living inspiration to me. An interesting thing about blessings is that often times, your blessing becomes my blessing.

  3. Devotion? Easy for me to talk about it, hard for me to live it. Just ask her. No wait, just take my word for it.