Thursday, September 3, 2009

Austin, Part 2

The business trip would continue, but not before a morning ride. Since the hotel is close to the capital building, let's start at the beginning with an early morning view. On the far left, the proud flag of the Lone Star State is already doing its job.

After a little breakfast, I practically coasted down to Town Lake. Then I turned right to 4th and Nueces, because I guess cyclists visiting Austin just ought to go visit Mellow Johnny's. I was surprised at the high-brow autos parked out back.

As long as I stopped by to look, I figured I might as well play with a couple of "reflection" shots. One as a self-portrait, and... to simply show the in-house coffee shop and early morning surroundings.

Then it was off to the Shoal Creek Greenbelt.

I enjoyed looking back over my shoulder at the folks driving TO work while I was headed AWAY from downtown.

Then the paved trail became gravel and the traffic noise disappeared.

And some of the rocky terrain made itself evident. That last overhang shown here forced a fairly low duck on my part. Must be a challenge for some of you tall guys.

It wasn't long before I popped out of the trail and began crusing up Shoal Creek Blvd. with its nice, wide bike lane on both sides of the road.

Not only are the bike lanes wide, but the auto traffic is moving slowly. It seems autos and bikes coexist here fairly well. Well, they did today at least.

The return trip was pretty much the same route in reverse until I reached the downtown area. Since I took a few different roads, I saw this BMX course for the first time. It least I assume that is what it is. Although I've flown Schwinn Stingrays pretty far, and pretty high, back in the day, this park appeared a little too intense for this geezer.

Finally, it was back uphill to the hotel. This time I cruised straight up Congress, through the capital grounds, and back to the hotel.

With a nice 2-plus hour ride behind me, I entered the work day with a good attitude.


  1. Excellent. I lived in Austin for a few years, and really liked it there. Unfortunately, that was pre-rediscovery of the bike. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like from a bicycle, thanks to your account I have a bit of a better idea.

  2. After I saw Part 1 I figured that you would be dropping by Mellow Johnny's.

    I've ridden the Shoal Creek Greenbelt many times, usually when I'm staying at the DPS Academy which is located at Lamar and Koenig Lane. I enter the trail at the rocky section you photographed and usually ride to Town Lake. I'm glad you had the opportunity to get out and explore.

  3. That bmx trail is a bone breaker. I can understand how Mellow Johnny's might not want to spend money on bandwidth for their bike shop's website but it's a static site. There's no drilling down there to look at the different bikes, which is too bad. It'd be fly in '95, though.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Like the blog! Just saw your comment over on HMwSB. Sorry I missed you. Next time you're in town keep an eye out for a tall dude on a tall 1983 grey Specialized Expedition. Can't miss me! The QB will be down for just a bit as I cannibalized some parts to get the Spec rolling. Anyhoo, feel free to drop a note next time too. Oh and yes, I do duck low... Real low!

    Take care,