Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flexibility Pays

Cruising north on SH 51, something caught my eye. I turned and noticed a double-track path off the highway. I'm sure I've seen it before. I've traveled this route many times. At first glance it appears to be a private drive. Rolling to a stop, I took a closer look. Maybe it's a road.
This was not my intended route for the morning, but it warranted investigation.
It seemed longer than a private drive.
Before long, it was apparent that I was riding on a network of very lightly traveled county roads.
I never made it to my original destination, but flexibility allowed me to discover a whole new area of unexplored countryside. Perfect for someone with a good country bike.

I wonder where we might find someone like that...


  1. That is nice. I see someone's photographed ride and it gets me to thinking I would like very much for the local biking and blogging community to come together once in a while and take each others favorite ride. Your rides have a peaceful and gentle bucolic air to them...well done, sir.

  2. Thanks, Twister.

    I was thinking that if the Fort Worth bloggers & friends group ride doesn't happen this fall, I might invite a bunch up here to explore the back roads. I might do it anyway. It's an hour from downtown Fort Worth, but take a moment and review the photos. It might be worth it.

  3. to the day I find it odd that KY, a state as "backwards" and "country" as any, has paved over so many of its roads. unless you go deep in the mountains of E.KY, it can be difficult to find such treasures. I'm gonna look at your pics again, b/c that's the kind of riding I enjoy most. Man. Bike. Country

  4. Secondly, I love the AHH pic

    Thirdly, could you past or send a googlemap (or other) location where you entered this? I'd love to poke around some mapping sites.

  5. I'm glad you found these roads ... and shared them with us. Nice photos. I love exploring places like this.

  6. There's nothing better than finding new places to explore. Once again, excellent photos, and that is one beautiful bike.

    I guess we need to start discussing the group ride again. There's been too many distractions around here recently. It would be great to have a guided tour around your neck of the woods.