Sunday, October 11, 2009

BABBLE Fort Worth Social Ride

It is inevitable, I suppose, that folks who ride bicycles and enjoy writing about it would assemble together for a ride. There are a number of cycling bloggers in north Texas who have found each other through the internet's sticky web. After a few one-on-one meetings of convenience, an idea was formed that a larger group ride might be an entertaining Saturday activity. After Myles (Fort Worth resident and Rat Trap Press mastermind) created a discussion group to plan such an event, details fell nicely into place.

Rumor has it this loose association of bicycle riding writers might endearingly refer to themselves as Bicycling Authors, Bloggers, Bold-face Liers, & Exaggerators...or BABBLE, for short. I might wonder here in public where such a silly name originated, while north Texas readers of this blog might suggest that I should fit in nicely with this group.

The first-ever BABBLE ride is scheduled for Saturday, October 17, in Fort Worth, Texas. A copy of pertinent details from Myles' blog is provided below...

Everyone, that includes fixed gear riders, cruisers, 3 speeders, tandem riders, roadies, families, and even funky recumbent riders, you are all invited to Fort Worth on Saturday, October 17th, for a leisurely, slow paced, ride around Fort Worth. The ride is free. We will start at 10 AM at the Texas & Pacific (T&P) railway station located at 221 W. Lancaster Ave. in Fort Worth. Hopefully, with the start being at the train station, riders from other areas of the metroplex will be encouraged to attend. Here's a link to the train schedule.

The ride will be a total of 13 miles or less with few small hills if any. We will ride south from downtown to Magnolia Avenue stopping briefly at Panther City Bicycles. We'll then be heading south through the Fairmont area over to Colonel's Bicycles near TCU for another quick visit. The route will then take us north on the Trinity Trails to our main destination, lunch at La Familia (for you vegetarians, La Familia serves veggie tacos and chalupas). We will then make the short ride back through downtown to the final stop at the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The Water Gardens are just a stones throw away from the T&P station.

This sounds like fun to me. Consider this an open invitation to participate. It has been designed to have wide appeal so that riders of all levels can share in the experience. Although it promises to be a wholly civilized and modest adventure, I expect when thoroughly documented by BABBLErs, it will grow to be an epic event. Therefore, I suggest that you don't miss it. This is, after all, history in the making.

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  1. Chris wrote "north Texas readers of this blog might suggest that I should fit in nicely with this group."

    They might, and he does...