Saturday, February 13, 2010

Familiar Places/New Surroundings

Finishing the last cup of coffee, and waiting for the temperature to rise above 32 degrees, I looked outside and wondered where I was. Inside my own house, looking out my own window, it was confusing.

When the thermometer read 32.5, the rolling investigation began.

It was familiar, but new. I was disoriented, but could somehow navigate the way.

I didn't need to go far to see completely new places.

The record snowfall in these parts has caused problems. Many have been without power for days. We, fortunately, have maintained the comforts of our home. The old shed shown above, however, suffered a roof collapse.

This old foundation, though on one of my most traveled routes, never really stood out to me.

Riding today demonstrated how many new things can be seen when viewed from a fresh perspective.


  1. One thing that really struck me were the sheer number of broken tree limbs.

  2. So glad you have a chance to ride with some snow. Does it seem quieter to you? It always does to me.

    I was listening to MPR the current at work yesterday and they were talking about the weather across the US. It's one of the few times when there is snow on the ground on every single state, except Hawaii. Winter Olympics in Canada - and it's raining? Makes life fun doesn't it?

    Enjoy your snow rides.


  3. great stuff. It's so refreshing to see the same landscape with new eyes. FatGuy and I were just discussing yesterday how odd it felt to be riding at 28F as if it were another day. It made it seem like 80F would induce a heat stroke.

    Did you clean off the Kogswell when you got home? I'm sure it was a mess, even with mudguards.

  4. Steve, I noticed a few broken limbs, but not a huge number. Of course, there aren't a huge number of trees up here on the prairie.

    Jerome, yes, I actually enjoyed the ride very much. It was quieter. One thing I noticed was the double-takes from the farmers. I don't think they realized the kook, they normally see on a bicycle, is really "out there".

    Tim, regarding temperature, I absolutely nailed the clothing vs. effort balance yesterday and was very comfortable, and 80 would seem rather harsh. I didn't clean the Kogs. It was dirty, but not significantly worse than when I left. Since the drive train was fine, and I hope to get out again today, the bath will wait.

  5. Wow, never thought I'd see pictures like these on your blog. I love riding in all types of weather. Some of my favorite rides have taken place during rain or snow showers.

  6. Beautiful! It is amazing how a little snow, or other unusual conditions, can make the same area look completely different.

    Out of curiosity, what was the point of waiting for the temp to hit 32?

  7. No special reason, really. It just looked cold outside, the temperature was slowly creeping up, I still had a half cup left, and it seemed a good trigger point at the time.

  8. Oh yeah, Doug, I enjoyed my 32.5 degrees and foggy snow MUCH better than the 38 degrees and windy rain I sometimes experience. That said, I don't even want to discuss weather conditions with you. You folks who live up in Minnesota scare me.

  9. I agree completely ... I'll take snow over cold rain any day!