Monday, May 31, 2010

Doohickie Does Dirt

...and he does it very well.

Ever since the First Annual Fall Finale Forty-Mile Country Path Ramble, Paul (Doohickie) and I have traded the occasional email about his coming up to join me for a country ride. Paul couldn't make Fall Finale, so we've been looking for another opportunity. It took a national holiday, but obstacles were finally overcome.

We have several route options up here in Denton County, but it seems Paul wanted a no-compromise country ride. He selected the Strada Biancha loop. So when we weren't pausing for photos, or listening to the breeze, we were bombing up and down rolling countryside with a certain crunchiness beneath our tires.

I like it when my guests seem to be enjoying themselves.

There are no mountains in Denton County, but some of these humble hilltops afford pleasant views.

Paul brought a cool Raleigh sport touring bike. His tires were half the width of mine, but he made that machine glide over the gravel. The man has skills and strength. He powered up the hills in his big ring all day long. If he ever gets wider tires, he'll need a stronger riding partner. I was pretty much spent at the end.

Paul seizes a photo opportunity while I find a shade, down some water, and catch my breath.

Thanks for coming up and riding with me, Mr. Doohickie. You are welcome up here on the prairie anytime.


  1. *Big grin*

    I need to get my companion post up. I had a blast; great ride.

  2. You can plainly see that Doohickie is having a great time, I love it!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. I wish I could have been there. Great photos by the way. Doohickie has never looked better.

  4. I simply love the way you done the hat, Paul!

    Glad you guys had lots of fun!!

    Peace :)

  5. Oops, I meant to say Chris or Chris & Paul!

    Peace :)

  6. ...because I was far away from Fort Worth, Myles?

    Anyway, my version of the event is now up on my commuting blog. Come over and take a look.