Saturday, November 13, 2010

Autumn More Subtle

In Denton County, Texas, autumn's stunning beauty doesn't slap us in the face. Instead, it is something more subtle. Unlike our neighbors to the north who can't avoid ubiquitous forest-on-fire views, we enjoy the season's rewards when we seek them.

There are pockets of glory for those who put themselves in the proper place, and who are aware. Just like one will miss the magic of sunrise while caressing his pillow, we might lament our geography if we aren't outdoors, moving slowly enough, and watchful.

The irony, of course, is the lofty value of that which must be pursued. There is celebration when we find, as it were, "rare" beauty. We are proud of the investment made, and like the hunter, our skill in tracking prey.

So the volume of bright colors in Denton County might not compare to some places, but we treasure what we find. And what we find when we slow our pace, compels our hearts to love our place.


  1. Well said. Today is the height of Autumn in North Texas. Actually, the height was right about 1PM. Next week, the trees will all be bare and dead looking.

  2. It looks beautiful to me! I'm glad you're finally getting some color. Thanks for sharing these images with us.