Sunday, November 14, 2010

Season's Sought Out Rewards

Continuing the theme of my last post, I realized that time is limited.
The rewards I seek will not be around much longer.

So as I am prone to do, I pushed off into the chilly early morning.

And as mentioned yesterday,
I didn't find entire hillsides of glowing yellow, orange, or red.

But I did noodle around a few spots I thought might look pretty nice
in the morning sun about this time of year.

And some of them pleased me greatly.

It was a mighty satisfactory outing, and I am a fortunate man.


  1. Very nice colors. Too bad the leaves will be gone by December 18th-Ramble time.

  2. Wow ... stunning! The "golden hour" makes all the difference. I like the way the yellows and reds mingle in these photos. Well done.

  3. Way to take advantage of what you have and savoring it. It's so easy not to try and then say, "Well, maybe next year I'll catch the colors".