Thursday, January 27, 2011

San Antonio Stroll

There are worse places to be in January.

Due to business travel, I haven't really been able to get out on the bicycle lately. But breakfast at the historic Guenther House eased my suffering some. Located on the bank of the San Antonio River, I noticed that the fabulous Riverwalk is being extended further south to connect with the Mission Reach project already under construction. More of a good thing. Good for San Antonio.

Across the street, and also on the river bank, is the Blue Star Arts Complex, which has several interesting things to see. The new colors on the restored structures struck a stark contrast with the brilliant blue winter sky.

Unfortunately, since I was here at breakfast time, I was not able to go into some of the galleries and admire the artists' work. Maybe next time.

There was a bike shop nestled in among the other renovated buildings.

They call it the Blue Star Bike Shop, no less.

There's plenty of bicycle parking, and a several cyclist's were making use of a path along the river. Some appeared to be in routine morning commute mode.

Then there was this other automobile alternative to admire.

So, no rambling country bike ride story today. Simply a stroll through the Blue Star area of downtown San Antonio. A charming area to wander through, or simply sit and watch the river roll by. Kinda like Portland in cowboy boots.


  1. Very nice post! I am happy I stopped by!! Never been to San Anton, but your post gave me some ideas!!

    Peace :)

  2. I was in San Antonio in August of 2009. That's the wrong time to go. It was extremely hot.

    I didn't have a bike with me, but I did get to walk around downtown and at the Riverwalk. It's a neat area.

  3. How long does it take for you to get to Austin? It might be of interest to you to go down there the last weekend of February.

    You are lucky to have the show so close to home.


  4. Hey, Wil, guess where I'll be in late February? Austin is about 4 hours from my little house on the prairie.

  5. I was in San Antonio at the end of April, 1985. Cold and windy up north - perfect down there.

    That is a very nice city, and I'm glad to hear they are extending the river walk. That is a great place to be, for no matter how long.

  6. awesome, take lots of pictures to share!


  7. That looks fantastic. Every year about this time we all start craving that warm and sunny thing. Nice pictures.