Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forester Road

I must come clean. Forester Road has gone neglected. In my wonderings and ramblings across the north Texas prairie, I've somehow missed the Forester Road vicinity. I understand that you expect me to keep up with things around here. So this morning's reconn was an attempt at catching up.

It's not a long road. But it has that delightful mix of hilltop open prairie with shade tree creek bottom. So I can have a nice variety within a short ride from the house. Why have I been away so long?

Open Space

Rolling Terrain

Golden Winter Grasses

Hot Brown Refreshment

Lazy Streams

Country Bike

I don't know if Rivendell's Grant Petersen has ever been to rural north Texas, but sometimes it seems like he was personally thinking of me when he created the A. Homer Hilsen. The perfect Forester Road reconn machine.

Well, it seems that everything is in order along Forester Road. I hope you feel better now. I know I do.


  1. Chris,

    If Texas was just a bit closer to Vermont, I would have gone on that ride with you. It looks beautiful there and for a winter day, man!

    Your bike sits right at home in the landscape.


  2. I do feel fact, reading your blog posts like this one always help me feel better. They are like short, peaceful, calming, bicycle meditations.

  3. what just super great pics to send me off on a dream nice

  4. And to think, you were contemplating selling that beauty.

  5. Another great post! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

    Joe in Iowa

  6. I like seeing the standard old ceramic coffee cup making an appearance on your rides.

    I've got a similar Nissan thermos that I sometimes take to work with me. It's a good product.

  7. Nice, nice, nice, nice and oh yes, nice. Even a real cup. Wow.

  8. I thought of your Blog today when I read where Thoreau had written in his Journal: "It matters not where or how far you travel - the farther commonly the worse - but how much alive you are" (May 6, 1854)

  9. Thanks for the kind words, fellas.

    Paul, yeah really, but not lately.

    Rat Trap Press and Greg, well, it's all about pleasure for me.

    William Boyd, I'll admit that Mr. Thoreau is a bit of an inspiration in some of my adventures.

  10. I miss riding in golden grasses. Reading your posts, and seeing your pictures bring back the sense of it and helps get through the winter. Most enjoyable.

  11. It looks stunning! Glad you've made a new discovery, those are always exciting, especially when close to home

  12. Don't know whether to laud you or be jealous.

  13. Y'all know that Chris has an ENDLESS supply of roads up there of all sorts, and he really just teases us with a new one once in a while to renew our amazement and whet our appetites for more. I think the word is - "tease." But it works really well.

  14. Tease? Perhaps.

    I like to think of it more as "invite".