Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Hundred Feet

-2(F) windchill

We don't really do much snow here in north Texas, but we're pretty good at having a few ice storms every winter. Like last night.

Unlike the more common rain followed by a 25-30 degree freeze, something horrible leaked across the Red River into our fair state from somewhere way up north. Something painful. It's been about 16-18 degrees all day. All the streets are a sheet of ice, and the wind has been blowing at 25-50 mph.

I did ride the bike today. I went two hundred feet out to my mailbox, and back. That was enough.

You guys up north...you who let winter out of your yard...please come down here, get your winter, and take it back home. And keep it on a better leash from now on.


  1. Ha! You're braver than I am. I stepped one foot out the door and immediately turned around and retreated back indoors.

    I like the rain boots.

  2. And here, I figured FOR SURE you'd be breaking out the Kelly Kettle, but perhaps you needed something to save until tomorrow's trip to the mailbox?

  3. Steve, of course I thought about it, but I don't think fire burns when its that cold outside.

    Rat Trap Press, those boots are just one example of how really not-prepared I am for serious coldness.

  4. At least you got out on your bike!

  5. Fear not my friend, fire does indeed burn when it's cold. (although you have to hold a match to diesel for a while to get it to catch when it's colder than -40. tried it once)

    Coming down there to gather up our winter sounds tempting, but maybe after it warms up a little.... :)

  6. We have plenty of winter to share. I embrace it and enjoy the beauty of the season. It might be hard to imagine, but one does become acclimated to it. That combined with lots of cold weather clothing options help make it bearable for some of us.

  7. Hey Doug! Would you go to our mailbox for us today?

  8. Chris,

    You rock. Good efforts on getting out in the white stuff. We had a foot of snowfall here from last night to now. I managed to keep my non stop commuting going. Doug is right, you do acclimate to it.


  9. Yeah, that's cold all right ...

    No ride is too short! And you did it in style, as always.