Monday, May 30, 2011

Rock Sculpture Bonus

I didn't know this was going to be a rock sculpture expedition. Sometimes these micro-tours surprise me. I think I'm going for a bit of a ride and some coffee, and then something else just as amusing is piled on top.

(early start)

(dark and windy)


(coffee prep)

(sculpture in progress)


(clouds like ships sailing)


(first class accommodations)

(early summer color)

(resisting small waves)

(cruising the beach)

(friendly T-Rex)

Some things are planned. Some things are anticipated. And some things are unexpected added bonuses that come to those to make the effort to put themselves in good, for instance, a micro-tour.


  1. "like" in every way. Had my own "just riding around" day, but certainly no rock sculpture.

  2. and no personally-prepared coffee

  3. I have those days often. Retirement is treating me very well.

  4. I occasionally detour on my way home from work and end up taking in a volley ball game in the park, or finding some cool public art. Mini commute-tours...

  5. What a wonderful outing! I've tried rock-stacking, like you've done here, and it's harder than it looks. Nicely done.

  6. Apertome, the artwork is all Michael's. I just documented his talents.

  7. Chris,
    Awesome post! I used to be good at throwing rocks at Mango trees to get some mangoes. The same MO was used to get Tamarind fruits.

    I have never tried stacking rocks. I am gonna try it.

    Peace :)

  8. If you keep posting these amazing micro tour posts I am going to have no choice but to do one myself!