Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lingering in Louisville

It was going to take bigger obstacles to keep me off the bike. David went to the trouble to bring his Dahon folder for me to borrow while in Louisville. I didn't want to let him down.

So the cloudy, damp, drizzly weather, and my lack of traditional cycling attire, didn't stop me. Finally, even my employment responsibilities didn't stop me. With a mix of determination, and eager anticipation (emancipation?), I pulled on my boots and rolled the folder out of the hotel lobby.

Other than pedaling around the downtown area, I had no plan. I just wanted to spin the cranks and feel like the luckiest conference attendee in Louisville.

Mission accomplished.

Within an hour, drizzle grew into drops. Since I had Mrs. Pondero's new camera, the smart thing was to seek shelter.

Besides, it was dinner time. And tomorrow, it'll be time to head back home.

But it was good to linger a bit here in Louisville for one more night. Thanks again to my new friends for making a work activity much more pleasant.


  1. Very interesting to see your town in a completely different light, or view as it were. And glad you got out. I'm still on target to commute on Friday. That's good.

  2. That's way cool that you were able to borrow a bike and explore. That'd sure make business travel different.

  3. Are you bringing that bat back home, so the Rangers can use it? :)
    Peace :)

  4. What a small world. My wife, son, and I were in Louisville just a few weeks ago and took a photo next to the big bat. The weather was cold, drizzly, and even snowed! Did you go into the Slugger factory and see the Norman Rockwell exhibit with his Rudge three-speed on display? Pretty cool. It was certainly very nice for your friend to loan you a bike. What a nice way to explore the city.

  5. GravelDoc, unfortunately, I didn't make it inside. It would have been nice to have a bit more time for lingering.

  6. Pondero, I certainly understand. It would be nice if we all could find more time to practice the art of lingering. From some of your other postings, lately, I can tell you've been quite busy. I was riding on the Katy Trail (for the first time) this week and found myself "hurrying along" for no particular reason. Suddenly, the Simon and Garfunkle song "the 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) started playing in my head..."slow down you move too fast; ya gotta make the mornin' last". It actually seemed to help. Sorry to ramble on and I'm certainly not preaching to anyone as I needed to hear this myself; just wanted to share this.