Sunday, February 12, 2012

Personality Match

(simple minded)

In the comments section of a prior post, I replied to GravelDoc's observation that me and the QB are "hitting it off rather well" by saying that we are a good personality match. There is a connection with this bike that is difficult to describe in any other way.


I recently made a few minor refinements to make that observation even more accurate. The bright yellow bar tape was just a little too flashy for our personality, so shellac was applied to subdue things. The goal was to match the leather trim on my Carradice bag. QB and I aren't glamorous, but we do have a certain appreciation for aesthetics.

(rural and unsophisticated)

I switched bottle cages, moved the frame pump back to A. Homer Hilsen, and replaced the pedals. All these changes were made for a combination of functional (primarily) and aesthetic reasons.


Now if I can get the boys at Trinity bicycles to get me a water bottle in QB orange, we'll be ready for guests.


  1. That is a handsome bicycle. I miss my stripped down FG CrossCheck.

  2. Funny how little stuff like bar tape color changes things.

  3. Actually, UT brown might complement things nicely...

  4. "Rural and unsophisticated" perhaps; eloquent in simplicity, definitely.

  5. Form follows function, a wise man once said. And my personality if envious of your personality's front porteur rack. That's a right smart looking piece of gear.

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  7. The new bike looks great!
    I am not surprised.
    I know you take good care of your bikes!!

    Paz :)

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  9. There's just something about an orange bike...

    I am really missing the Handsome and my Orange Peugeot fixed gear. Still snowy, here, and we are expecting more, mid-week.

    Spring is just around the corner...Spring is just around the corner...Spring is just around the corner...Spring is just around the corner...Spring is just around the corner...

  10. What a gorgeous bike Chris! I've just come in from a 2 hour flat ride on my Rambouillet (which I've always wished was orange), and you've got me seriously wondering about making it a single speed Rambouillet! Maybe even fixed?

    And I love the way your Quickbeam came about, with you trying to cull the number of bikes, then all of a sudden, somehow, there was one more! I have the same trouble, thinking I should cull 4 to 3, then thinking that what I really need is 2 more bikes!

    Cheers, Martin / The Old Man.

  11. Thanks, all, for the positive comments.

    Jon, based on the plans you have for the year, I know you are craving saddle time.

    Martin, I don't think I've ever told anyone this, but I've often thought about "fixing" the A. Homer Hilsen. Not thinking about it too much lately...

  12. I like the fact that you have a front rack on your QB, but you still run a saddlebag. Nice juxtaposition.

    I can't deny that I'm a bit envious of the orange over my grey/silver, but not enough to covet.

  13. For now, the front rack is overflow capacity. One day, I'll find a Lil' Loafer (tan canvas, no reflector strip) for sale. It seems no one wants to sell one. When that happens, the saddlebag will become the easy on/off overflow.

  14. Nice Bike. Too bad about the orange color.

    Gig 'Em