Monday, January 28, 2019

Sweet Simplicity

What is it that makes simple living so sweet?

Is it cutting out all the clutter, and focusing on the basic essentials?  Does it somehow create more time out of a chaotic life?  Maybe it has a way of tapping into, and sharpening, our senses.  Perhaps there is something about a connection with the natural and elemental.

A cheery and crackling campfire is a comfort on a chilly night outdoors.  It is warm, gives light, makes a pleasing sound, and delights the eyes.  It becomes a gathering point for people.

The daily routine of waking up is transformed when it happens outdoors in a beautiful place.  It is a completely different sensory experience.  Emerging from sleep in direct sunlight is like coming alive every day.  It can create a certain energetic eagerness to leap into life.

But simple living can also be raw.  Unpleasant weather is real, and winter nights are long.  Food, drink, and entertainment options are limited.  Sometimes the sweetness is the ability to find something positive to enjoy in the midst of otherwise bitter conditions.

For me, however, the sweetest part of simple living is that it...for my life so far...has been voluntary.

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  1. Truthfully and well said! As I read about your campfire, I am reminded of the scent of burning wood, brewing coffee, and cooking breakfast that is so satisfying, too.