Saturday, February 2, 2019

What’s in Your Coffee?

What do you put in your coffee?

Many of us enjoy coffee, but many of us also seem to enjoy it more when we put something into it.  Some purists will adamantly reject anything that distracts from that pure black gold.  But the rest of us look to all sorts to things to put into it and match the unique cravings of our own palate.  I like it pure and black.  But I also like to put something into it.  Here's a rather complicated recipe that produces great results for me.  Here are a few things I like to put into my coffee.

A bicycle, outdoor air, a remote place, dirt road, miles of pedaling meditation, self brewing, and enough time and effort to make me feel like I actually did put something into it.

Cool, overcast day, temperature in the mid-50s, fog and drizzle, leafless trees, rolling ranch land, and four geese honking cheerily as they pass over my right shoulder.

This isn't the only way to enhance pure black coffee, and I don't always have the perfect ingredients at hand.  But my experience has been that these ingredients produce a fabulous, earthy cup of coffee.


  1. Yes! I think coffee tastes better straight up in the wild.

  2. went to boston, 09, to order s.s. bikes for sandi and myself...stopped at duncan donuts for coffee, and they loaded it with more sugar than usual!...i just about barfed, and from that moment, i always go straight 'black gold'...unless its cafe con leche, which i grew up on, being from key west and half cuban, ha.