Monday, April 2, 2007

Another Dachshund Post

It was a long day at engineering camp and the other side of my brain (not to mention my body) needed a little exercise. So after working late, eating dinner, and changing clothes, there was a short, but productive Haiku Festival held at the bunk house.

Once mentally refreshed, I grabbed the bike for a short night time commute to my office computer (great night for a bike ride).

Hoping to amuse Janet, there was a barrage of email messages with Festival results. Here's the one I would have guessed she'd like you to see...

Long in the middle
and just as tall either way;
laying or standing

Or maybe this one...

A pile of dachshunds
three breathing donuts sleeping
it was a long walk

Instead of the bike photo above, I guess I really should have inserted a dachshund photo, but I didn't have one handy. Wait a's one!

There...doesn't that look like a whole mess of trouble?


  1. your use of "pile" is shaky, at best. 1 or 2 syllables?

  2. Ellen,

    I know you are one of those deep east Texas residents, but officially "pile" is one syllable.

    A - syllable one
    pile - syllable two
    of - syllable three
    dach - syllable four
    shunds - syllable five

    That there is a rock-solid five-syllable line, friends.