Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Frightening Moments

You're not going to believe this.

Here's the situation. I'm in the house alone. Alone, that is except my wife's dogs. My bride went to visit my oldest daughter and my younger daughter was out of the house doing some volunteer work. Meantime, I'm trying to get some work done and pack for a business trip tomorrow. I'm focused. The house is quiet and I'm getting alot accomplished. Then I notice them watching me.

It wasn't Joey. He's the good dog. It wasn't the "just-visiting-pit-bull-mix". He was snoring. It was those young weinie dogs, Bill and Ted. They were watching me closely and, frankly, it was getting a little spooky. When my wife is here, they don't pay much attention to me. But now, their spooky little beady eyes followed my every step. When I'd turn to see what was going on, they'd look away and act like they were looking for something to do...maybe just a little bored. Kinda like this...

So I walked on by. Then just as I went around the corner, I was sure I heard a whisper...and I'm sure it was Ted. That little terror is usually the trouble-maker. So I grabbed the camera...and silently peeked around the corner...and caught the little fuzzball in the act!

"Okay, we agree then. If he doesn't feed us in the next 30 minutes", he says, "let's eat him!"

So they've been fed. I threw in a little something extra tonight...just to be safe.

And that's exactly the way it happened.

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