Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Back Porch

Some, I suppose, equate a back porch at a rural homestead with a place of leisure and relaxation. They see it as a place to take a break from the hectic pace of life to refresh the mind and body. Not so for Gus and Joey.

Normally, inside the house, they lounge and sleep and appear to be quite lazy. However, they wisely use indoor time to rest and recover from the vigorous exercise they get outside. Let me illustrate.

Here, documented by photographs is one of those wild workouts. Hold on tight. Here we go (captions are below each photo)...

When they get outside, the action begins immediately...

Yes sir, soaking up sunshine is only part of the active lifestyle.

"Wha...? What's going on?"

"Joey! Wake up! I think I heard something!"

"What was it? Where did he go?"

"Oh well. Maybe it was nothing."

"Huh? You say something, Gus?"

"Yeah, I thought I heard something. You see anything?"

"Oh...there it is...the bike dude with the camera again. Let's lay down and get back to work."

Whew!...It makes me tired just watching it.

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