Sunday, April 20, 2008

A New Route

Here are few photos from the Saturday ride exploring some new roads. I've been wanting to ride out to Lake Ray Roberts and hadn't yet been to the north end. The weather was fine. I had a map, a snack, and some time, so northward I rolled.

Not documented was the herd of about 40 cows standing in the middle of the road. I was too busy trying to figure another way around, thinking that riding "through" them between fences on each side sounded like a bad plan, and trying to figure out how to "herd" them back into their pasture. After playing cattle drive cowboy on a bicycle, I was able to get them down the road and on a side street. I passed without trouble, called 911 to report a safety hazard, and continued my adventure.

A little farther down the road, on a picture perfect day, the irony of this sign caught my eye.

Latter on, in a case of double irony, I actually did have to cross an active low water crossing.

This guy was creative with his house marker. I can imagine the directions go something like..., "Turn right on Chisam Road and go about 4 miles until the pavement ends, go another 1.5 miles on gravel, then turn right at the Hobie Cat hull stickin' out of the ground."

Here's a couple of views from the FM 3002 bridge...looking southeast toward the dam and then southwest toward the shoreline.

Finally, on the return trip, here's the north "Welcome to Sanger" sign at IH-35. There's a similar one on the south end of town.

No problem with the cows on the return. I guess we all had enough adventure for one day.

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