Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'll just start by asking for your indulgence. This post, unlike all my cycling heroes, doesn't include an exciting narrative of some grand adventure. Instead, this post is about preparation. In fact, it's merely about loading the bike for the very first time. It might not be you, but some of us are simply thrilled beyond measure.

Too long ago, my S24O reconn trip was documented. That post expressed desire to do a first ever S24O and how I had accomplished step one by identifying a suitable location. I hate to admit this, but it hasn't happened yet. For a variety of reasons (summer heat, summer crowds, and lack of camping gear among them), I've not rushed into the wilderness. Instead, patient and orderly preparations have been underway in the background.

Camping gear has been acquired. Rackage and baggage has been ordered. It has not all arrived, but an opportunity to venture out could possibly turn up before the gear does. Therefore, it became important to see if it is possible to load sufficient gear to survive a night out in the local state park for a single night in pleasant weather. Yeah, I live on the edge.

A front lowrider rack and front panniers are on the way, but I think it is possible to pedal out to a suitable camping spot with tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, coffee paraphernalia, and food. It's not an elegant solution, but a short 10-minute evening test ride suggests that it could work.

One more small step toward a meager (but terribly exciting for some of us) goal.


  1. Leave the coffee stuff at home and the trip will be lighter, healthier, and more relaxed.


  2. Lighter? Yes, but take another look at that photo. I estimate the total package of bike, gear, and rider to be roughly 210 lbs. I'm not sure a drop to 209 lbs. is bragging territory.

    Healthier? Yes, probably. I'd probably enjoy greater health benefits, however, if I leave the poptarts at home.

    More relaxed? I don't know. Have you seen the look of contentment on my face during my morning sip-fest?

    On the otherhand, judging by the length of my coffee defense, maybe I have issues.

  3. Take the coffee maker. A pound or two of simple luxuries helps make the time out there enjoyable.