Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Sunshine

Those not smitten with the bicycle are oblivious. I've studied them and find them quite a curious lot. They seem to regard a spin on a two-wheeler like most folks regard a picnic. It's something pleasant enough, done when the weather is grand or if one is in need of spending an excess of leisure time. Otherwise, out-of-mind. Take it, or not...either way is just as fine. Is this not an odd way to view life?

We bicyclists, thankfully, are enlightened. If it were not so, I fear we would perish. Riding the bicycle is sustenance. It is food, water,...a breath of air. When a harsh alignment of circumstances keeps us off the bike for a few days, we wither. Backed into a corner, our survival instinct lashes out. Our family and friends fear us. It's desperation and perseveration until the blizzard passes. Then, after a spirited gallop through the countryside on a finely tuned machine, peace returns.

A couple of days without pedaling the bicycle is a cold, barren place, but the eventual return is spring's first warm sunshine.

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