Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where I've Been

Where I've been? Well...

The weather forecast was promising, so I rolled out as soon as the sky was light. During my warm-up the clouds changed from gray to purple to pink to orange before the sun topped the horizon.

With a little time to explore something new, I generally headed south. At one point, however, my route took me east for a little while. The early morning sun laid down a shining carpet before me.

After a gradual, but sustained climb, I realized I was on top of a ridge and could look back and see where I've been.

Sometimes I rolled across open pastures, and sometimes through tree-lined gravel roads. After several lonely miles, signs of civilization are a jolt to the senses.

I was determined to explore some new roads. I studied a map beforehand, but was unable to tell how much pavement and how much gravel. A significant amount of the new roads today were not paved.

After a couple of hours of pedaling the countryside, a short break at the creek seemed like a good idea.

I had a few minutes to see that some trees were still leafless, but others had tender new growth.

Crossing the last big ridge coming home, I had my last scenic view and one more example of some of the early spring color around these parts.

That's were I've been...and you really should have been there.

Maybe next time...


  1. Once again, great photos. I'm glad to see you're not afraid to get that new bike dirty.

  2. Afraid? No, but I did hesitate slightly before doing it anyway. Homer is covered in trail dust tonight.

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