Monday, March 23, 2009

What Gears Are For

As much as I enjoy a fixed-wheel bicycle, the multiple gears on my new Rivendell were a joy today. Winds at 25 mph, gusting to 40 mph, made conditions less than optimal. I didn't really want to stay outside long and endure the atmospheric beating, but needed a little spin.

Another perfect opportunity for the famous 3-mile loop. Just wanting a little time on the bike, I found a tiny gear and commenced to spinning with machine-like regularity. Turning pedals at 90 rpm, I slid downhill at glacier pace. I figure, on a revolutions basis, I had a nice, easy 15-mile ride today all within a single lap.

Maybe for true bicycle geeks, it's not how fast you go, it's how many times your pedals go around.

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