Monday, May 4, 2009

Sam Bass Gravel

There is a stretch of gravel on one of my most frequent routes. I like it. It's fairly short and relatively smooth. So it's more variety than something to endure. In fact, it is a nicer ride than some of the paved roads I visit.

I decided to post 20 seconds of today's post-work, 1-hour ride. Partly because I was impressed by how nice it was. Partly because it's my blog and the occasional video amuses me. Mostly, however, because Myles, of Rat Trap Press fame, said he liked my previous video...and I'm a sucker for positive reinforcement.

Speaking of Rat Trap Press, have you seen the new touring bike t-shirt he does? I gotta get one of those...and soon.


  1. So what was your speed? Looks fast, but looks can be deceiving.

  2. You are fast! Are you going downhill?

    Thanks for mentioning the shirt, I've seen my traffic increase.

  3. Yes, I'm very, very fast. I was going uphill and very, very fast... far as you know.